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DraftKings Dynasty Rewards – A Complete Guide

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DraftKings’ dynasty rewards program allows you to reap the benefits of playing DFS or betting on sports. Their reward system is tier-based, and you progress through the tiers by earnings crowns. Crowns can be seen as reward points, and DraftKings awards them to you whenever you enter a DFS contest or use their sportsbook. You don’t just earn crowns by spending money, however. DraftKings puts a fun twist on its rewards system by giving you missions and achievements to complete. 

In non-casino states, players earn 1 crown per dollar spent in daily fantasy contests, and 1 crown for every two dollars spent betting on sports. This guide will break down the tier system and explain how to reach each level. It might seem impossible to reach the diamond or onyx tiers, but we’ll cover tips and tricks to help you earn more crowns. 

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A breakdown of each dynasty reward tier in crowns

Bronze Tier

Consider the bronze tier as the noob tier or absolute beginner level. You won’t get many direct benefits from DraftKings at this level of play, but you will get easy missions to earn crowns quickly.

Typically, bronze players are new to the game and considered casual players. If this pertains to you, consider playing in casual contests and completing the easy achievements to earn crowns for the sports you play. 

It’s important to complete the missions on a daily basis if you’re playing DFS – especially as a casual player. When you’re in the bronze tier, you’ll often get missions that reward 500 crowns for entering in a $15 or $20 contest. If you do the math, it would otherwise take $500 of contest entry fees to accumulate 500 crowns, so these missions are a sweet deal. 

It shouldn’t be difficult to make it out of the bronze tier with consistent play. Completing the daily mission and achievements through small-dollar contests is a great way to move up to silver. 

Silver (25,000 Crowns)

Congratulations, you’ve officially made it to silver by hitting 25,000 crowns within a year. 25,000 crowns equate to $25,000 in DFS play, but the missions and achievements make this an easy target. We will continue to emphasize the importance of earning crowns by spending the least amount of money possible. 

The silver tier marks the start of welcome rewards. From this point forward, you’re given a gift for each new tier you reach. The silver welcome reward is $25 DK dollars, a 10% crown accrual bonus, and access to exclusive contests. 

Unfortunately, the gap between silver and gold tier members is quite high. While silver takes only 25,000 crowns, you’ll need 125,000 to reach the next level. Missions tend to be more rewarding once you hit the silver tier, and the monthly accrual bonus also helps a lot. 

Once you reach the silver tier, chances are you’ve gotten the hang of DFS. You’re probably no longer eligible for casual contests and at this point, you should have a good understanding of contest selection. 

Gold (125,000 Crowns)

Once you’re in the silver tier, you’ll realize reaching gold is no easy task. The difference between 25,000 and 125,000 crowns is quite large, and you’ll have to be playing regularly to reach this target. Missions and promotions become even more important to take advantage of at this level. 

Let it be known that reaching gold is achievable within a year, even if you’re a casual player. It’s also a milestone you should focus on if you know you’re going to be using DraftKings regularly. The gold tier brings about new perks like a 20% crown accrual bonus each month, and a $100 welcome reward in DK dollars. 

A 20% accrual bonus instead of 10% for silver is pretty substantial. If you play on a daily basis, you’ll realize the additional 10% will have you progressing a lot faster. This is probably the best aspect of reaching the gold tier, although the $100 DK dollars gives plenty of great opportunities too. 

If you’re struggling to reach gold, or maybe wondering the fastest way to do so, you need to focus on missions. Most of the missions in the silver tier require playing in a $25-$50 contest, and the reward is usually close to 1000 crowns. By completing your daily mission, you’re exponentially speeding up your dynasty rewards gains. Also keep an eye out for special promos which reward more crowns than normal. 

Diamond (500,000 Crowns)

You’re essentially a cut above the rest once you make it to the diamond tier on DraftKings. A majority of DFS players, including the more experienced, find themselves in the silver or gold tier simply because the gap between gold and diamond is HUGE. 

You probably play a lot of DFS, or bet on sports regularly if you reach the diamond tier. At this point, however, the rewards really start to get nice. DraftKings awards you 50,000 crowns upon reaching diamond, and your crown accrual bonus shoots up from 20% to 30% on a monthly basis. 

You can quite literally spread the wealth once you reach the diamond tier. DraftKings allows you to gift a gold tier trial to a friend, all while you maintain your dynasty benefits. Reaching diamond also gives you direct access to a VIP associate, and access to exclusive DraftKings events. 

So, is it worth it? The answer to that question depends entirely on the type of DFS player you are. If you’re the type to rack up crowns just to get free money, then the spendeture required to hit diamond probably isn’t worth it. You can argue, however, that the 30% monthly crown accrual bonus will give you the most bang for your buck long term. 

Onyx (1,000,000 Crowns)

Reaching the onyx tier is the pinnacle of daily fantasy sports on DraftKings. 1,000,000 crowns are not easy to achieve – in fact, without missions or promotions this equates to $1,000,000 in annual DFS play. This figure might be a cake walk to you if you have deep pockets, but for most people it’s like climbing Mt. Everest. 

The 500,000-crown difference between diamond and onyx makes the gap between gold and silver look miniscule. If you’re looking to reach the onyx tier without spending a lot of money, it will be a difficult task. There are a few ways you can maximize your chances within a year though. 

Reaching onyx is doable by completing missions, opting into promos, and focusing on achievements for each sport. At this point, you want to ensure you’re not letting easy crowns slip away from you. While in the diamond tier, you’ll have a 30% accrual bonus working for you, so it’s important to optimize your earning before the end of each month. 

You would think that reaching a milestone like 1,000,000 crowns would result in eternal greatness, but that’s not the case. The welcome reward for reaching the onyx tier is $500 DK dollars and a 40% monthly crown accrual bonus. You’ll also be able to gift a diamond trial period to a friend and get access to exclusive contests. 

Considering onyx is the peak of DFS on DraftKings, you can expect the company to take notice of you. DraftKings is pretty good about maintaining relationships with their top clients, so you will be catered to at this level. Most professional DFS players will fall under this tier. 

Recap of Dynasty Rewards

Understanding DraftKings’ dynasty rewards helps you earn the most for your play. To recap, everyone starts in the bronze tier of play. Consider this as the noob or beginner tier. From here, you’ll earn crowns by playing in DFS contests, betting on sports, or playing casino games on DraftKings. 

You’re rewarded more as you move up the dynasty tiers. Your goal should be to take advantage of missions, achievements, and promotions to earn as many crowns as possible and move through the ranks. Once you hit minimum silver or gold tier, the rewards become worthwhile. 

The following is a reconciliation of the welcome rewards for each dynasty tier:

  • Bronze = nothing, everyone starts at bronze.
  • Silver = $50 DK dollars, 10% monthly crown accrual bonus, access to exclusive contests/promos.
  • Gold = $100 DK dollars, 20% monthly crown accrual bonus, access to more contests and promos. 
  • Diamond = 50,000 crowns, 30% monthly crown accrual bonus, direct line of VIP access, gold tier trial to a friend. 
  • Onyx = $500 DK dollars, 40% monthly crown accrual bonus, diamond tier trial to a friend. 

Remember, although it’s nice to be rewarded, you must be responsible with your play. Only bet or spend on contest fees what you can afford to lose. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in terms of helping you understand DraftKings’ dynasty rewards program.