Draftkings DFS Review

Draftkings is the KING of DFS, and there’s several reasons as to why that’s the case. They offer more GPP contests than anyone else which means you always have the opportunity to win big. DK is the largest DFS platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Throughout the remainder of this Draftkings DFS review, I’ll provide a brief overview of the platform, scoring rules, as well as the major pros and cons. 


Draftkings came around in 2012 when Jason Robbins and few other former Vistaprint employees created a fantasy baseball competition. Since then, the platform has grown exponentially, and they now offer contests for all major sports and e-sports. Unlike other DFS platforms, Draftkings is a publicly traded company ($DKNG) and also operates as a sportsbook under Casino Queen. 

Because of it’s popularity, DK is widely available as long as DFS and/or sports betting is legal in your state. Draftkings is not available in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Hawaii, or Oregon for daily fantasy purposes. Clearly, the west coast is a little bit behind compared to the rest of the United States. Make sure you understand your states local laws before you attempt to sign up for an account. 


Draftkings has one of the better scoring systems for DFS, and it’s certainly more unique than other big names in the industry. It’s well known that DK is constantly making changes to their scoring rules, and this creates an additional aspect of challenge. Nonetheless, you can find a general overview for the sports we cover below. 


  • 4 points per passing TD
  • 1 point for each 25 passing yards
  • 3 points for 300+ yards passing
  • -1 point for an interception
  • 6 points for a rushing touchdown 
  • 1 point for every 10 rushing yards
  • 3 points for 100+ rushing yards
  • 6 points for receiving touchdowns
  • 1 point for every 10 receiving yards
  • 1 point per reception
  • 6 points for special teams touchdowns 
  • -1 point for lost fumbles
  • 2 points for 2 point conversions


  • One point for each point scored
  • 0.5 points for a made 3-pt shot
  • 1.25 points for rebounds
  • 1.5 points for assists
  • 2 points for blocks and steals
  • -0.5 points for each turnover
  • 1.5 points for a double-double
  • 3 points for a triple-double. 


  • 13 points for a double eagle or better
  • 8 points for an eagle
  • 3 points for a birdie
  • 0.5 points for each par
  • -0.5 points for each bogey
  • -1 point for a double bogey
  • -1 point for anything worse than a double bogey.
  • 3 points for a streak of 3 birdies or better
  • 3 points for a bogey-free round
  • 5 points for all 4 rounds under 70 strokes
  • 5 points for a hole-in-one
  • 30 points for 1st place
  • 20 points for 2nd place
  • 18 points for 3rd place
  • 16 points for 4th place
  • 14 points for 5th place
  • Etc.. placings up to top 50 will receive points

Pros and Cons

Most people who play DFS have a Draftkings account, but if you don’t and you’re trying to compare platforms, this section is for you. Below you will find a rundown of the pros and cons of Draftkings. 


  • There are more contests for more sports on Draftkings than any other DFS platform. 
  • Draftkings has some of the biggest contest prize pools in the industry. 
  • Player rewards are a lot easier to come by on DK compared to other outlets. 
  • You can complete DFS missions in exchange for crowns, which you can later use to enter more contests. 
  • NFL scoring on Draftkings is very favorable considering the 1 full point per reception.
  • Draftkings processes withdraws very quickly, and they pay out contests in a timely manner. 


  • Most professional DFS players have made themselves at home on Draftkings. This means your average contest is more competitive than on other platforms.
  • Although Draftkings has a great contest selection with huge prize pools, a majority of these contests are top-heavy. This hinders your profit potential unless you win big consistently or adopt a different strategy. 
  • The mobile interface is not as easy to navigate as it’s competitor Fanduel. 
  • DFS winnings and sportsbook winnings need to be withdrawn separately, although the money can be used interchangeably between the two different apps. 


Overall, Draftkings is what I consider to be the pinnacle of DFS platforms. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll be able to find contests that suit you and your needs. It goes without saying that the majority of DFS players play on DK the most, and that’s because their number of contests and the support they offer is second to none. 

The major downside to Draftkings is your average contest being more difficult to win. I suggest having a thorough understanding of the scoring rules for each sport, and to employ other DFS strategies to increase your chances. At the end of the day, anyone is capable of taking down a GPP, and you should not be discouraged by the level of competition.

If you’re new to daily fantasy sports, you can sign up for Draftkings by clicking the button below.