Fanduel DFS Review

Fanduel is without a doubt one of the top DFS platforms in the world. They offer a variety of cash games and GPP contests that are guaranteed to keep the good times rolling. Whether you’re new to daily fantasy or a seasoned veteran, you should understand that no two platforms are the same. Throughout the remainder of this Fanduel DFS review, I will provide a brief overview of the scoring, pros, and cons of daily fantasy sports on Fanduel. 


Fanduel is both a sportsbook and DFS outlet that was founded in 2009. More than anything, the platform is regarded for its fantastic interface and overall user experience. They have a couple of different apps, and both of them are beautifully designed. What started out as a $1.2 million dollar startup is now a multi-billion dollar company, and there’s good reason for that. 

Because of its reputation and large user base, Fanduel offers a variety of contests for nearly every sport. Football and basketball usually offer the largest prize pools, but baseball, soccer, and golf are up there as well. Chances are you’ll be able to find a contest for the sports or e-sports that you like on Fanduel. 

In terms of the salary cap, FD is pretty similar to Draftkings and vastly different from Yahoo. Fanduel and Draftkings price their players in the thousands, while Yahoo is one of the few sites that use double-digit salaries. The standard cap on Fanduel is $60,000 but this can vary slightly by sport and contest type. It’s worth noting that Fanduel is often the most accurate and leaves nothing on the table in regards to player pricing. DFS gamers need to find hidden value, ride trends, or take advantage of late injury news to really have an edge. 


Key things to note in terms of Fanduel’s scoring are the half point per reception in NFL and the 3 points per block and steal in NBA. Please see below for a full breakdown of the scoring for each major sport. 


  • 0.1 points for each rushing yard
  • 6 points for each rushing touchdown
  • 0.04 points for each passing yard
  • -1 point per interception 
  • 0.1 points for each receiving yard
  • 6 points for receiving touchdowns
  • 0.5 points for each reception
  • 6 points for special teams touchdowns
  • -2 points for lost fumbles


  • 3 points for 3-pt field goals
  • 2 points for 2-pt field goals
  • 1 point for each free throw
  • 1.2 points for rebounds
  • 1.5 points for assists
  • 3 points for blocks
  • 3 points for steals 
  • -1 point for turnovers


  • 7 points for an eagle or better
  • 3.1 points for each birdie
  • 0.5 points for each par
  • -1 point per bogey
  • -3 points per double bogey or worse
  • 5 points for a bogey-free round
  • 0.3 points for a bounceback 
  • 4 points for 5+ birdies in a round 
  • 0.6 points for a streak bonus (2 birdies in a row)
  • 30 points for 1st place
  • 20 points for 2nd place
  • 18 points for 3rd place
  • 16 points for 4th place
  • 14 points for 5th place 

In terms of NFL, Fanduel is pretty much identical to Yahoo’s scoring system. If you want to win in an NFL contest on these two sites, it’s best to prioritize players who will score touchdowns. Unfortunately, a half of a point per reception does not contribute as much to winning lineups compared to a full point on Draftkings. 

For NBA, it’s worth noting that steals and blocks generate more points than on other sites. Gamers can use this to their advantage if they can identify players who rack up these two stats. Moreover, it’s important to realize that turnovers can make or break a winning lineup on Fanduel because a full point is deducted.

Pros and Cons

There has to be a reason why so many DFS players have made Fanduel their home. Similarly, there are reasons as to why players have opted to make Draftkings or Yahoo their main platform. Below is a full rundown of Fanduel’s pros and cons. 


  • There are plenty of contests to choose from. Beginners and experts can both benefit from Fanduels large contest selection.


  •  Contests are offered for every major sport, including some e-sports. 


  • Fanduel frequently gives away free contest vouchers to engaged players. This can give you an opportunity to win money without depositing your own money. 


  • The mobile-app is arguably the best in the industry – it is clean, fast-loading, and easy to navigate. Even the desktop version is easier to use than many competitors. 


  • Fanduel has some of the highest management fees (rake) in the industry. Most contests are extremely top heavy and designed specifically for Fanduel to profit. If you can sift through these contests, the rake shouldn’t be an issue.


To conclude, Fanduel is one of those sites that every DFS player needs an account on. Regardless of your preference, not having an account puts you at a disadvantage if there’s ever an opportunity for low-competition contests. If you’re new to DFS altogether, Fanduel is a good place to start because of the simple interface and variety of contests. 

While there are some things to dislike about FD, many of these things can be avoided by adopting a different strategy. I suggest allocating some time on each platform to figure out what you have the most success with. The button below will redirect you to signup for Fanduel.